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Coach Ken is currently taking Fall 2017 off. Programs will start again in 2018. Dates TBA.


1 on 1 Skill Sessions

EQUIPMENT: Socks, Chin Pads, Clean Sneakers, Water Bottle (no cleats)

These sessions offer players an opportunity to develop / improve their ball control and their 1 on 1 moves to beat a defender / create space.  Many leading soccer skill programs begin with ball control and then progress to on 1 on 1 moves.  

The basic structure of each session is as follows (however, differences in format and expectations for a U9 group is different than for a U10-12 group):

1. Ball Mastery / Control Touches

2. Introduce 1 v 1 Skill Move 

3. Learn The Move (3 steps: no pressure, limited pressure, full pressure)

4. Game to practice new skills

The goal of each session is to teach two 1 on 1 moves and will end with a game situation so the players can practice their skills.  Please note that learning these skills takes time; thus, depending on the group, we may return to the same 1 on 1 move for at the next session, or we may only cover one 1 on 1 move per session.  Flexibility and proceeding where the group is will be the key.  It is better to walk away with two or three moves each player can successfully perform than a dozen moves they will forget once the training is over.  Eager players will want to go home and practice these moves for 10 minutes a day until the next session.  Eager players will always find space to practice skills: hallway, basement, or garage.  Those players who practice at home will improve tenfold over those who only touch a ball at our sessions.

These sessions provide all eager players a fun and structured method to improve their skills and gain the confidence in handling the ball.  

Primary Coaching Resources for these sessions include:

  • Coerver Coaching
  • Online Soccer Academy
  • Challenger Sports
  • Beast Mode Soccer
  • Fast Feet Soccer
  • First Touch Soccer
  • New York Red Bulls Youth Academy
  • Coach Ken's Training

Goalkeeping Sessions

EQUIPMENT: Socks, Chin Pads, Clean Sneakers, Keeper Gloves, Water Bottle (knee / elbow pads - optional - as we are playing on hard floors) (no cleats)

These sessions offer goalkeepers (or, potential goalkeepers) an opportunity to learn the essentials of the trade.  Goalkeepers will work primarily on the beginning two steps in the Pyramid:

1. Basic technique and ball handling with hands

2. Footwork, mobility, and positioning

And, once the goalkeepers experience success in these first two areas, keepers will develop practice in the final three areas:

3. Shot Stopping

4. Crosses & Distribution

5. Game Play

Eager goalkeepers will also want to continue to develop their footwork skills as goalkeepers play an integral part in ball distribution and playing from the back.

Primary Coaching Resources for these sessions include:

  • Coerver Coaching
  • Serious Goalkeeping
  • Soccer Drills and Goalkeeping Training
  • KeeperStop
  • Coach Ken's Training
Snapshot of Training Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma Level 1 (Montreal) Spring 2015 / Soccer for Life certification (Canadian Soccer Association) Winter 2016 / Attending 5-day NSCAA Convention (Los Angeles) January 2017

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