iCanSoccer uses waiting lists when our current programs are full.  Too many people in a group makes learning and enjoyment very challenging for the youth players.    

The current group size limits of our indoor programs (Winter and Spring) are:

  • Player Development Sessions (14 players)
  • Goalkeeping Sessions (8 players)
  • Indoor Soccer Festivals (10 players)

The current group size limits for our outdoor programs (Fall) are:

  • Outdoor Soccer Programs (20 players)

Where is My Child in the Waiting List?

This is an important question for parents.  The current session Waiting List is at the bottom of this page.

Why Sign Up for a Waiting List?

So, let's say the program is full, so why bother to fill out the registration form just so your child will be on a waiting list?  Well, here are the two main reasons.

  1. It is the only true way to show Coach Ken of the need for a particular age group.  If the waiting lists grow, Coach Ken will consider adding another session to the same age group and have two groups of the same age group occuring.  This option also would offer youth the option to see who is attending both groups, and select which group they would like to attend;
  2. Players from the Waiting List have a good chance to get a chance to play.  In the Winter 2016 session, four players have been called up from the Waiting List because previously registered players had previous commitments, injury, or where otherwise unable to attend.

Make Sure to Check Your Spam / Junk Folder

It is not uncommon for emails to find their way to your spam or junk folder.  These emails contain important information about the program; so, please make sure to regularly check not only your emails (daily) but also your junk mail.  And, further, if your child is on the waiting list, check your spam or junk folder.  The turnaround time to accept a Wait List move up is 24-48 hours, and then Coach Ken offers the spot to the next person on the waiting list.  

Additionally, Coach Ken will send out emails to parents whose children did not get into the current session regarding details about the next session and their daughter's / son's status on the waiting list.  If these emails do not get answered, Coach Ken will move the player down on the waiting list; conversely, if the emails get answered, Coach Ken will move the player up on the waiting list.  The rational? Coach Ken wants to spend time with families who want their children involved in the program, and he simply does not have time to "pester" those on the waiting list to see if they are still interested.  

You may also want to consider adding this email to your accepted email from recipient list as Coach Ken will be sending emails from this address:

icaneamil gmail 

Priority for Spaces 

It did not take long for Coach Ken to see that what he was offered, parents (and kids) wanted.  Early on, he noticed spaces for programs were becoming full . . . so a "priority" process seemed necessary to make the selection process fiar, and then this page was necessary to make the selection process transparent.

Here is the order of priority of getting accepted into the age group / session:

  1. First priority goes to the youth player who participated, and paid, for the last previous session (so, a Spring 2016 session will be first offered to the youth who participated in a Winter 2016 session).  Please note this does not include players who registered and then withdrew from the Session NOR players who Coach Ken had to continually ask for payment.  First priority goes to the players who have participated in the immediately previous session; if there are open spaces after a set deadline, then . . .
  2. Coach Ken sends out an email to the parents who have signed up for iCanSoccer's Advance Notice Email List and / or on the Waiting List for that particular program.    Both of these lists are an integral step between the players currently registered and the general public.  Moreover, Coach Ken will give 3 days (72 hours ) for anyone from this group to register before registration opens to the general public.  So, parents have 72 to make up their mind before the general public gets wind of the sessions.  If you are not on the Waiting List or not yet subscribed to the Next Session Mailing List, please do so now:


Advance Notice on Next Session Mailing List

* indicates required
  • If any age group is full, names go on a waitling list.  First to go on waiting list = first to come off the waiting list. However, in rare cases, where a youth is currently registered in one session (for example, a player is registered in Player Development), and then wants to register in a different session (say, the Keeper session), that player would be "fast-tracked" to first on the waiting list as the player is currently registered in iCanSoccer.
  • In age groups where there is a one day or a two day option, priority to accept players will be given to those who registered for the 2 days.  In saying this, iCanSoccer tries to maintain the relationship with our current players; therefore, if two past players only want one day each, and one player takes Day One, and the second player takes Day Two, this would have priority over a new registration. 

If My Child is on the Waiting List for the Winter Session, Do I Need to Register Him for the Waiting List for the Spring Session?

Short answer: Yes.  Long answer: Perhaps your child's availability has changed.  Please register your child for the waiting list of each individual session.  Thanks.

If any parent has any questions, please feel free email Coach Ken at:

icaneamil gmail


Fall 2016 Waiting List

No Waiting List yet!

 U13 Girls 

U10 Girls
U13 Boys

U9 Boys



Winter 2017 Player Development Waiting List


 U13 Girls (2 day registrations have first priority)

U9 Boys
U13 Boys (2 day registrations have first priority)

Spring 2017 Let's Play 4 Day Soccer Festival Waiting List 


U4 Girls 


U4 Boys 

1. Wyatt Lowther (2013)
2. Alex Doiron (2013)
3. Samuel Robichaud (2012)

U6 Boys 


U8 Girls 

U8 Boys 

U10 Boys 

U12 Girls