There are four different payment options.  Payment does need to be made prior to the start of the program.  Before you make your payment, please make sure you have registered your child for a program / session.  Thanks.

1. PayPal / Credit Card

Payment can be made by paypal or by credit card. If you do not have a paypal account, you can click the BUY NOW button and then select the option ("Don't have a PayPal account?") in order to pay with credit card.  NOTE: Your receipt from paypal will list Dreams Unlimited Childcare Centre as the account. Don't worry, you have the right account.  Also feel free to add the name of your child / player you are registering.

NOTE: An extra small fee is added to paypal payments to help offset the costs of paypal service fees

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Name of Player(s):

2. E-Transfer

Payment can be made by an e-transfer to:

icaneamil gmail

After placing the e-transfer, please send Ken an email with your password answer.  For clarity on what child you are paying for, you may want to add in the memo section the name of your child.


3. Cheque

Payment can be made by cheque to "Ken Trenholm" and mailed / dropped off to 2 Darby Drive, Summerside, PE C1N 4V5

4. Cash

Payment can be made in cash.  Please put the cash in an envelope with the name of your child on the outside of the envelope and the amount of money enclosed.  Simply give it to Ken when you see him next.  



There will be no refunds issued once the program start date begins; the only exception would be if the child has not attended any session, and that child's open space can be filled by another player.  However, if the open space cannot be filled, no refund will be issued.