ICanSoccer is proud to partner with the English Language School Board, and in particular the following three schools.  Please review each school drop off / enter procedure.

NOTE ABOUT BEHAVIOUR IN ALL SCHOOLS: These three schools are partners and everyone who enters the building must take great care while we are in their building.  If we do not respect their building, we could lose use of their facility.  

Here are some rules:

  • Please upon entering the building, go directly to the gymnasium;  
  • Please do not leave the door propped open during our sessions;
  • Please clean up after yourself;
  • Please take outside or dirty footwear off as soon as you enter the school;
  • Please respect all school property; 
  • Please make sure your child does not leave toilet paper or paper towels on the floor if they go to the washroom (yes, this deserves it's own line unfortunately)

Greenfield School - 100 Darby Drive


Parking is available in the front of the school.  Once you car your vehicle in the front of the school, please walk around the school on the right side of the building.



Once you have rounded the building, you will see a playground and a door to the gymnasium. The door will be locked; so, please ring the buzzer and someone will let you in.  And, when I say "someone", I really mean some very kind parent who is watching their child participate in the lesson.  The buzzer can ring at any time during our session, so it would make everyone very happy if no one had to wait in the cold any longer than they have to and for parents to volunteer to open the door for the person ringing the buzzer.  

Enter the School

Summerside Intermediate School (SIS) - 247 Central Street (But enter on 286 Beaver Street entrance)


Although the physical address of SIS is 247 Central Street, that is not where we park or enter the building.  We park on Beaver Street, which is a cross road to Central Street.

Beaver Street Entrance



 Once we are parked, this is the shortest walk to the building than any of our three partner schools.  You will see the doors from the parking lot. An easy walk.  There is no buzzer and when the session starts, the door will be locked.  We will have someone at the door / or unlock the door close to the end time / start time of each session. 

Entering the School

Three Oaks Senior High School (TOSH) - 10 Kenmore Avenue


Please park your vehicle in the back of the school.  If you are not sure what is the front and what is the back of the school.  The front of the school is on MacEwen Road; the back of the school is on Kenmore Ave.

Parking at TOSH


Please enter through the Gymnasium doors on the right side looking at the building.  You really can't miss these doors as there is a very large "GYMNASIUM" sign outside on the brick wall.  Please do not go to the Main Doors.  Perhaps this image will help: