• Don't be shared of having funiCanSoccer is about making the game and soccer development fun;

  • iCanSoccer is about coaching with a positive attitude;

  • iCanSoccer is about valuing youth self-esteem / skill development more than winning;

  • iCanSoocer is about helping youth see with determination, they can accomplish anything - the "I CAN" of I Can Soccer.

The bottom line: iCanSoccer is about understanding that coaching soccer is never just about "coaching soccer".  In time, it is the hope that iCanSoccer will continue to grow and develop itself. 

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About Coach Ken

Coach Ken Trenholm has been coaching youth soccer for 10 years.  He has coached various age groups from U4 to U14. Coach Ken is currently the Special Needs Assistant and After School / Summer Coordinator at Dreams Unlimited Childcare Centre.  A big fear for children entering something is they may not know the person running the program.  This is a legitimate fear for both players and parents.  A parent wants to know their child will be safe, have fun, and learn.  So, please look through some of Coach Ken's youtube channel videos with your child so you will have some idea about who Coach Ken is . . . Here is Coach Ken's YouTube Channel Playlist featuring the different sport teams he has coached (please note that some of these videos will not play on mobile devices):

And, if you are looking for a little silly one with Coach Ken, check out Coach Ken running a very small bicycle.

Here is some of his relevant training:

Ken Trenholm

  • National Soccer Coaches Association  of America Level 1 Diploma (2016)

  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Soccer for Life (2016)

  • US Soccer Federation National F License (2016);

  • Coerver Coach Youth Diploma certification (2015);

  • HIGH FIVE Sport certification;

  • Bachelor of Social Work degree (1998);

  • Long Term Athlete Development training;

  • Certified Sprockids Leader;

  • Current First Aid / CPR Training.

  • approx 80 - 90 courses on Child / Youth Development, Engagement, Conflict, Intervention, etc.

Feel free to have a more detailed glimpse of Coach Ken's Training

Coach Ken's Oath of Conduct

  1. To remember youth participate in soccer because it is fun for them - keep it fun;

  2. To help youth develop a positive self-image;

  3. To give players equal field time during games and practices;

  4. To encourage all players to take reasonable risks on the field and learn from their leaps of faith;

  5. To display fairness, integrity, and respect;

  6. To value and serve the youth first, the soccer player second;

  7. To have standards, not rules;

  8. To be considerate of the demands on youth / family time - soccer is only one part of their busy schedule;

  9. To keep up to date with the latest coaching practices and the latest principles of growth and development of children;

  10. To value youth health and safety more than winning;

  11. To value building a legacy / foundation for youth for their own lifelong enjoyment for sport.


 A final note to parents: Let the ride home after a game or practice belong to your children, and let them dictate the conversation.