Parent Communication

Coach Ken will email parents to inform them that soccer has been cancelled as soon as he is aware.  Keep in mind that Coach Ken does work during the day; so, he may not know of school cancellations until later in the day.  A message will also be posted on the top of the iCanSoccer website, facebook, and twitter.  However, please note that if school is cancelled, the sessions will be automatically cancelled as well. Please keep in mind, at times, schools are open during the day, and the School Board makes a decision to cancell all extra-curricular activities at the school in the evening.  In this case as well, our iCanSoccer programs would be cancelled.  

Storm Cancellations

Any time that iCanSoccer is scheduled to have indoor soccer in the evening when the school has been cancelled during the day, there can be no sessions.  This is a School Board policy. 

School Activities Take Priority

There could be other times when we need to cancel our sessions for reasons out of the control of Coach Ken and when school was not cancelled during the day (such as the school itself needs access to the gymnasium for their own business).  

Sessions Added?

Coach Ken will attempt to reschedule any missed sessions; however, if the sessions are not able to be rescheduled, no refund will be issued for any missed sessions. Coach Ken will usually not have any information on dates / times of potential added sessions at the time a session is cancelled (as this takes planning with the schools).  Please understand that Coach Ken firmly believes that every parent should get what they pay for -- so, he will do his best to make sure the cancelled session is added at the end of the session.